Digital & Social Media Advertising

In case you’ve missed the memo, digital advertising is where it is at. Why? Because it creates powerful opportunities to tell brand stories at scale, in context and direct to your target audiences online, in a meaningful way.

Advertisers worldwide spent $23.68 billion on social media ads in 2015, and Zuckerberg has created an advertising juggernaut/empire in Facebook with ad revenue between 2014 and 2015 growing 59%. Ad spend in this area is only going to continue to climb, meaning it is no longer optional but now essential to leverage your spend with targeted social ads, across all social platforms.

People know a good ad when they see one, but getting that ad under the right noses at the right time is an art unto itself, particularly in the digital space. It’s not just about boosting a post here and there, throwing money at the platforms hoping that something will stick – just like all digital efforts, your social media advertising should be driven by strategy.

From the booming mobile advertising scene to native advertising (the ad is the content and the content is the ad), viewable impressions and the ability to drill down and target specific types of consumers thanks to behavioural data; digital advertising is a truly dynamic frontier, and we are across the trends so you don’t have to be.

Coffey & Tea can facilitate strategic planning, advertising design, real-time roll out and management to ensure an excellent return on investment for your business.

We also provide comprehensive reporting, detailing impact on brand engagement, click-through rates, conversions, and sales, to ensure maximum bang for your advertising buck.

Our services include:

» Facebook campaigns
» Instagram advertising
» Promoted tweets


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