Digital Public Relations

Did you know over 27 million pieces of content are shared on the web each day? In today’s age of ever-present connectivity, brands are challenged to stand out amongst the sheer volume of information confronting their target audience.

Any effective digital marketing strategy must have comprehensive insights to guide the right branding, communication and targeting decisions. We use the right combination of data, creativity and technology to strengthen your brand and amplify your key messages. We love data.

We are in an era of affinity marketing where it is essential for brands to create the confidence, trust, and respect from their customers. Customers can become ambassadors for your brand, or conversely, detractors with a potentially devastating effect.

We create value for brands and businesses through great content. Through digital public relations, we build authentic relationships with advocates and key influencers who have the power to inspire their legions of followers.

Our widespread network of brand ambassadors and digital influencers play a vital role as advocates for your brand across all platforms. We help you create unique experiences and share your brand with digital advocates.

Social media has the power to deliver business and branding results. We utilise the tools that are relevant to your brand and create meaningful relationships with the people that matter.

Our services include:

» influencer marketing
» audience targeting
» content marketing strategies
» comprehensive social insights
» reputation management
» dedicated owned & earned media strategies

» community engagement
» blogger relations
» competitions & advertising
» brand advocacy
» campaign analysis & reporting
» social media management

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