What is the best process for hiring an AV company?

Choosing the right AV Company can go a long way to ensuring the success of your event. Below we have outlined some fail safe steps to ensure your select the right AV Company for your event.

Define your goals

You must enter into the process of hiring an AV Company with a firm and clear understanding of what it is you are wanting to achieve. Before meeting with prospective AV providers address the who, what, where and why. Who is attending? What type of event is it and what are the associated implications? What is the tone of the event: serious, fun, celebratory?

Finally, and most importantly, what is the desired outcome of the event?

With your goals clearly defined you are well equipped to communicate this with a prospective providers who will, in turn, have everything they need from the start, to make your vision a reality.

Wants versus needs

It is helpful to be able to differentiate from your goal list the aspects you want and those that are essential to achieving desired outcomes, aka the ‘needs’.

Having an understanding of wants versus needs is always helpful in helping your AV Company manage the project and budget, so everyone is on the same page throughout.

Timing and entertainment

It is important to have a realistic idea of timing. Timing in terms of allowing your AV Company enough time to plan and prepare before the event, as well as winding things up after. To get the best out of any AV Company, it pays to allow them enough time to do their job.

Bring prospective AV Companies in on the event timeline and or run sheet from the very beginning to not only allow for a truly coordinated effort from the word go, but also because they might see alternative and exciting opportunities to service the event better. If you have live entertainment at your event, be sure to let the prospective contractor know because again, it can very much inform the way they do their job on the night.

Site challenges

In a similar vein to bringing prospective contractors in on the event timing, it is always advisable to discuss the event venue or site at that first meeting.

Most AV Companies will be familiar with a great deal of Perth’s event venues and outdoor sites, so they will be able, at least superficially, to discuss its limitations and benefits. Where they are not familiar with the venue/site, ensure you can describe the location relatively well, and from there the contractor can go on a site inspection at a later date to identify its limitations and benefits.

Before you sign on the dotted line

Make sure you understand the quotation! If there are any aspects you don’t understand, we strongly recommend you contact the provider for clarification.

Now what?

We recommend PAV – Complete Event Solutions for all your event needs. We may be biased as they sponsor #SMPerth events, but we’ve known them for years and the guys are pretty fantastic – they are always willing to go about and beyond to help create the ultimate experience.

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