Six tips for getting the most out of event photography

Event photography is essential for creating a visual narrative around your event, so how do we ensure we get the best return on investment and don’t miss a moment?

Select the right photographer for the job

Different photographers have different aesthetic specialties, so it is important to consider whether the photographer you has chosen complements your event type and style.

Never hesitate to ask for proof” that a photographic provider is equipped for the job – ask to see case studies, references, blogs, or portfolios.

Talk style

Working with your photographer early on to discuss style, drawing on their expertise to define the ‘look’. Again, it is often useful to look at the photographer’s portfolio or case studies to draw inspiration and clearly communicate what you want.

Always prepare a brief

A valuable safeguard for getting the most out of your photography is providing a thorough photographic brief that outlines who, what, when and why of your event and spells out your desired outcomes.

A thorough brief should always reference the event run sheet so the photographer will know exactly where to be and when to get the best shots.


In the briefing document be sure to list the names of VIPs, individuals or groups and their official (correct) titles, to ensure firstly the important people and moments are captured, but also that any details in captions are accurate.

Image Copyright and usage

Always advise your photographer of how you intend to use the photographs.

Check if the photographer needs to be credited and if so, how, and if there are any ways the photos cannot be used. Asking can often save a lot of heartache down the track!

Know the venue

For events in large, very small or just unusual spaces it is often advisable to have the photographer conduct a site inspection prior to the day. A site visit can provide a valuable opportunity to site specifics and allow early identification of issues.

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