Denise Drysdale Gets A Social Media Crash Course | Studio 10

Insta-Gran: Social Media for Tech-Savvy Seniors

Did you catch social media expert Meg on Studio 10 recently? Meg joins the Studio 10 and gives Denise Drysdale a crash course in using Facebook.

This segment discusses how seniors are getting into the social media field. From the best social media platform for seniors (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) to how to set up a Facebook profile.

In the video, you’re taken through a step by step demonstration on how to sign up for a Facebook profile. Meg also explains:

  • How to find your friends on Facebook and how to connect with your friends
  • The importance of reading all the prompts and taking your time
  • How to add a post to your profile

The segment will also cover some essential social media tips, not just for seniors but for anyone using the platform to ensure your personal information is kept safe at all times.

More about Coffey & Tea’s social media training:

Meg provides social media training & custom workshops to help coach companies of all sizes to manage their social media. From insider tips to learning all the social-media speak, Meg offers a great range of training sessions to upskill you and your staff when it comes to social media.

For more information, please contact us today.

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