Case Study: How far does your #FoamRoam?

January 15, 2015 10:14 am

#FoamRoam was a social media campaign developed for long time client, Foam Coffee Bar in Leederville.

The promotion was based on a simple, yet effective proposition/question: “How far does your #FoamRoam?”

The crux of the competition was Perth coffee drinkers were encouraged to purchase a take away coffee, in-store at Foam Coffee Bar, and then take a photograph of said take away cup in the most interesting or exotic locale available to them.

Beyond purchasing the coffee to begin with, the requirements of entry were super simple: tag @FoamCoffeeBar and include the hash tag #FoamRoam.

The winner, judged according to creativity and impressiveness of location, earned his or herself a year’s supply of coffee from Leederville’s favourite coffee bar. What’s not to like?!

On a fundamental level the competition had all the makings of a crowd fave from the get go:

1. Buy coffee: who doesn’t like coffee?
2. Take photo in a creative locale.
3. Tag Foam Coffee Bar and include #FoamRoam.

It was not at all taxing on entrants in terms of entry requirements – we all know having too many or too complex conditions can quickly undermine the fun!

The creative license involved in the visual component really captured social users’ imagination and capitalised on their enthusiasm for the medium.

Also, the cups themselves cannot be underestimated – there was significant novelty value in the fact they were colourful, quirky and distinctive. People just loved those cups!




As Matt Hayden on Perth Business Help said in his review of the campaign: “As any social media addict knows, appealing photos and images are inherently shareable.”

The aim of the game was to grow visibility of and affection for the Foam Coffee Bar brand, grow social media engagement and, in a nut shell, get more Perthites through the door for a cup of joe (and a hearty breakfast while they’re at it!).

It didn’t take long for the competition to develop a life of its own.

New York City


Abu Dhabi


And, of course, all over WA: beaches, river, city, country; north to south, east to west; by plane, boat and car.

People developed quite the affinity with the Foam takeaway coffee cup and were clearly having heaps of fun with it.

Creativity wasn’t limited to the locations of photos, many entrants used their cups in interesting ways and impressive compositions.

All up the promotion attracted 144 entries on Instagram across the campaign period, 1 October to 31 December 2014.

The winner was @danaufromperth for his photo of the Foam cup on the Mekong River, he was incredibly “stoked” with his win and religiously collects on his year’s worth of free coffee every day of 2015 so far.

Overwhelmingly the promotion checked all the boxes as far as wanting to improve brand visibility and engagement and Foam certainly won some new regulars out of the promotion!

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