Digital Public Relations

A staggering 27 million pieces of content are shared on the web each day. In a hyper connected world, brands are challenged to stand out in the avalanche of online information.

A digital marketing strategy needs comprehensive insights to guide the most effective branding, communication and targeting decisions. We love data and use a combination of analytics, technology and industry insights to strengthen your brand and amplify your key messages.

Successful brands create customers with an affinity for their products and services. It is essential for brands to nurture audiences to feel confidence, trust, and respect.

In this digital age, people are most willing to trust people just like them rather than official spokespeople. Coffey & Tea teaches you how to transform your customers into advocates and word of mouth ambassadors for your brand.

Great content and authentic relationships are at the heart of our digital public relations approach. We know how to attract key influencers and thought leaders who have the power to inspire their legions of loyal followers.

Coffey & Tea’s trusted suite of online ambassadors and digital influencers can play a vital role in advocating for your brand across all platforms. We create events and experiences as talking points and content opportunities for influencers to share your brand to the masses.

Let’s create memorable interactions and favourable relationships in the eyes of your ideal consumer.

Our services include:

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