Tourism Australia’s latest social media sensation goes global

September 4, 2014 10:42 pm

The spotlight has been on Ballarat Wildlife Park and its resident “wombassador” Patrick last week with Tourism Australia’s Facebook post about the park’s 29 year-old virgin wombat grabbing global media attention.

Tourism Australia’s Facebook post generated over 350,000 ‘likes’, 40,000 shares and 50,000 comments, including several from people who have met Patrick over the years, helping Tourism Australia’s social media page reach six million Facebook fans.

Patrick, who turned 29 on 25 August, was named the “3rd best city mascot” by US news and entertainment giant CNN in July, and is the oldest and largest Common Wombat known in captivity. Ballarat will honour Patrick on 22 October during the 10th annual Wombat Day – also known as “Hug a Wombie Day” – an unofficial holiday designed to celebrate all of Australia’s wombats.

Since appearing on Tourism Australia’s Facebook page, Patrick has generated a raft of media coverage nationally and internationally including:

Ballarat Wildlife Park’s Social Media Manager, Lauren Rix told Tourism Australia yesterday, “We are over the moon with the coverage that we have received. And Paddy now has over 13,000 new followers on his Facebook page as a result. Wow!”