Managing Director, Meg Coffey


Meg Coffey is the wearer or many hats (none of which are Cowboy!) and has come a long way since 2008 when she packed in the globe-trotting to grow her distinctive brand of marketing and business development in the Australian city that stole her heart, Perth.

It cannot be denied that her years “quality-testing the Australian way of life” has brought her to where she is today and informed her hard-won reputation as a ‘heavy hitter’ in the digital marketing industry.
Born in Texas and now proudly Australian, the “Texstralian” attributes her success to hard work, calculated risk and “the gift of the gab”.

So who is Meg Coffey?

She’s the state’s leading and most sought after social media trainer and public speaker. She is a dynamo media commentator, Founder of Perth’s largest social media “knowledge economy”, Social Media Perth (#SMPerth) and keeps her finger on the pulse of the industry with award-winning client work as Managing Director of her own consultancy, Coffey & Tea.

A hospitality and tourism sector specialist, her skill for and understanding of all things “social” translates to any application, as she well and truly leads the charge for digital empowerment in Western Australia.
“The reality is digital isn’t going anywhere, and it absolutely must be a feature of every business’s marketing strategy today.

“It is all about making sure Perth is up there with the rest of the world by building and maintaining a healthy digital business culture in our state.”

Meg’s natural skill for communication means her transition into public speaking roles was quite organic.
In early 2015 she decided to take the plunge and grow the public speaking and training element of her brand.
A testament to her talent, the risk has paid off as she continues to be highly sought after to speak to national and international audiences at workshops, seminars, and conventions.

One of the biggest wins came in July 2015 when Meg secured an exclusive contract with the Tourism Council of Western Australia (TCWA) to develop and deliver, in select regional locales, a suite of social media workshops tailored to the state’s hospitality and tourism industry.

The workshops are designed to boost regional small to medium enterprise engagement with the digital economy, specifically around social media and online reputation management.

In July 2016 her contract was renewed for 2016/17, with additional workshops added to the itinerary in response to the high demand for her training.

Not one to shy away from hard work, Meg continues to deliver industry leading digital marketing and business development with Coffey & Tea.

“Coffey & Tea allows me to practice what I preach and stay connected to industry applications, which in my opinion, is important if you’re going to speak with authority on digital best practice.

“There are many businesses in Perth that need a hand with marketing, social media, and business development, but they just don’t have the budget for a dedicated marketing manager or full-time consultant.

“What I do is come in and help get things started, be it brand and marketing strategy, or guiding social media engagement and management.

“I love to be hands on and help WA businesses reach their potential the ‘Texan Way’: big, bold and with passion,” she said.

Meg has been asked to judge submissions for numerous programs including the Perth Airport WA Tourism Awards and Property Council of Australia Retail Awards. In early 2016 she completed a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, a testament to her commitment to professional development. Meg has also served as a Leederville Connect Committee Member and WA State Advisory Councilor for the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI WA SAC).

Meg was shortlisted in the 2014 WAToday Entrepreneur & Innovator Awards for the Curtin Growth Entrepreneur Award. She was voted one of Perth’s 100 Most Influential in the Nifnex Awards. She was also a finalist for both Coffey & Tea and Social Media Perth in the 23rd Belmont & Western Australian Small Business Awards 2016. The recognition continues and in 2017 Meg was named was Inside Business’s Top 50 Small Business Leaders and provides media commentary to ABC during the WA State Election.

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