About coffey & tea

Coffey & Tea is a boutique social media marketing consultancy, providing strategic solutions for tourism, hospitality and lifestyle brands.

We offer our clients unique brand and marketing strategies, help guide their social media channels in the right direction and provide support, advice and – best of all – results, by tailoring our approach to the specific needs and aspirations of the organisations we work with.

Coffey & Tea takes a holistic approach to creating new opportunities for your business, combining research, experience, deep industry knowledge and innovation to guide you to the next level.

We can help you engage with customers positively and effectively, find creative new ways to raise your bottom line and design practical, exciting strategies that work for you.

We measure success by outcomes and we constantly evaluate to ensure we are achieving the best results for you and your business.

We work with businesses every day, helping them reach their potential through services including content management and website design, digital marketing, community and stakeholder engagement, brand development, advertising and design, social media management, digital publication relations, our individualised training and consulting programs, campaign analysis, and reporting.

We know every business is different; at Coffey & Tea we understand the big picture, as well as seeing to the all-important details and work closely with our clients to uncover strategic solutions that are as individual as they are.

In a rapidly changing media, brand, and communications environment, knowledge and innovation are key. We are passionate about what we do and the industries in which we operate and love nothing more than seeing them thrive. At Coffey & Tea, we help them do that.

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