Analytics & Reporting

Digital analytics tells the story of your online performance. But more than that, regular reporting presents real, actionable opportunities to “do things better” and leverage data to improve customer experience so you can reap greater return on investment from your digital marketing spend.

To do analytics well you need to evaluate your digital marketing performance on multiple levels to get a complete picture. Creating and implementing an analytics and reporting program is something Coffey & Tea highly recommends.

We’ll help you define your metrics and develop a plan; use the latest tools to collect and analyse data, and provide comprehensive weekly or monthly reporting spanning all digital channels. Ongoing analysis and responsive implementation closes the circuit and will ensure you’re making the right moves at the right time to see the best results for your marketing dollars.

A digital audit is also a great way to enhance an analytics program by reviewing, on a semi-regular basis, your online performance as a whole, across all digital channels. They can be useful no matter the scale of your digital operation and can vary in depth and complexity from a quick ‘review and reset’ style analysis, through to more comprehensive, multi-level evaluation involving long term strategy.

Our services include:

» comprehensive social insights
» campaign analysis & reporting
» audience targeting & advertising

» Google analytics
» hashtag clouds
» digital audits

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