Social Media Branding & Strategy

“Social media is about being open, being a connector, being supportive and being yourself.”
~ Michael Q. Todd

First impressions count. Coffey & Tea creates engaging, professional social media branding initiatives across any platform as well as creating websites and blogs.

Social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool used in many ways to increase exposure, build brand awareness and sales. Devising a successful social media strategy takes dedication, originality, and a true understanding of where you are positioning yourself as a company. After setting clear objectives, we will carefully craft an integrated plan that ensures your campaign objectives are carefully aligned with a powerful message and goal orientated outcome.

Through the rise of social media, consumers can now communicate directly with businesses and readily seek advice from trusted sources. We scrutinize the web to see what people are saying about your brand – there are millions of conversations happening online right now and we are aware of anything said about your business.

We understand that every situation is unique. That is why our offerings are customisable to suit your objectives. We can also provide training and/or ongoing consultancy to ensure you stay on track if necessary.

Our services include:

» social media management
» digital pr & influencer marketing
» branding
» social strategy
» training & consulting
» content creation & placement

» community engagement
» blogger relations
» competitions & advertising
» traffic generation
» monitoring
» campaign analysis & reporting

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