Influencer Marketing

January 2, 2014 5:59 pm

People no longer trust advertising, but they do trust other people.

Influencer marketing is about using an authentic “voice” that the audience inherently trusts.

Often we see brands partnering with highly visible individuals like celebrities, personalities, journalists, public identities, industry experts, and even brand fans and turning them into “brand advocates”.

The marriage of a brand with a person of wide influence allows you to connect with consumers more directly, more organically, and more meaningfully at a large scale.

On a practical level, influencer marketing is about selecting the right ambassador with the right audience for your brand and nurturing a relationship that works for both parties.

Coffey & Tea can develop your influencer marketing strategy by targeting the “right” influencers. We assist with strategy implementation and ongoing relationship building to ensure you get the most out of your influencer engagement.

To ensure maximum return on your investment, we also provide comprehensive reporting looking at influencer marketing impact on brand engagement, click-through rates, conversions and sales.

We can help you with:

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Influencer Marketing