Social Media Competitions & Promotions

January 2, 2014 6:07 pm

What is the point in spending energy to publish digital content in the hopes of engaging customers if you don’t know how to harvest your audience?

Social media competitions can be a rewarding way to convert visitors and one-time customers to loyal followers and subscribers.

They increase brand exposure, engage with target markets, build brand awareness and mobilise sales. In fact, competitions are a great way to deliver on several marketing objectives in one go.

Coffey & Tea can facilitate big picture planning, social media competition design, real-time roll out and management to ensure beneficial outcomes for your business.

A cleverly designed promotion is beyond amassing ‘likes’ or simply clicking to win. With the right planning, infrastructure and strategic promotion, a competition has the power to convert competition entrants into brand advocates and long term customers.

Coffey & Tea thoughtfully works with you to develop a social media competition format and promotion strategy that suits your scope and budget. We’re across all social media platforms’ (sometimes tricky) promotional guidelines and ensure all campaigns are above board with no spam in sight.

To ensure maximum bang for your marketing buck, we also provide comprehensive, post-competition reporting that details the impact on brand engagement, click through rates, conversions and sales.

We can help you with:

  • sweepstakes
  • photo contests
  • database growth & management
  • check-in promotions
  • hashtag contests
  • graphic design

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Social Media Competitions & Promotions