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High-quality original content is an incredibly effective way to drive customers to your website.

Whether it’s informative, educational or entertaining, if your content has depth, quality and integrity, it can be a better lead and sales generator than an ad with an explicit sales message.

What’s more, it can often continue generating sales and leads years after you’ve created it!

Why does content marketing work?

  • It’s something of value to the consumer that’s shareable on social media
  • It builds brand awareness, generates engagement and creates brand advocates
  • Google rewards it in its search rankings.

We create bespoke, shareable content

Drawing on more than a decade of experience specialising in social media marketing for the hospitality and tourism industries in Australia, we can create relevant, original content to wow your target audience. We’re also experts in executing strategies to drive user-generated content for brands in this sector.

The Coffey & Tea team knows how to tell a compelling story in a way that will attract the right consumers to your website and social media channels. We also know there’s more to content marketing than just telling stories. We can:

  • Create bespoke content to suit each brand and audience
  • Help you find the right tone and message for each audience segment
  • Advise you on the right social media channels and the times to use them.

Let us do your social media management for you

Managing multiple social media accounts and creating original content that’s right for each of them can be challenging. We can make it easy for you.

Coffey & Tea can help manage your social media presence and create quality copy, videos and photos that inform and entertain your customers while generating organic traffic to your website.

If it’s related to content marketing, we do it.

Let’s chat about what you need and how we can help.


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