Social Media Branding & Strategy

“Social media is about being open, being a connector, being supportive and being yourself.”

~ Michael Q. Todd

First impressions count – Coffey & Tea designs engaging and professional digital branding initiatives for your social media platforms, website and blog.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for building business awareness, increasing brand exposure, and growing sales. A successful strategy requires consistency, originality, and a true understanding of where you are positioning yourself as a company. We expertly craft an integrated digital marketing plan that aligns with clear campaign objectives for goal orientated outcomes.

With the rise of social media, consumers now communicate directly with businesses and readily seek advice from online sources. We survey and scrutinise the web to uncover what people are saying about your business and brand perceptions so we can shape it to your advantage.

Our offerings are customisable to suit your objectives. We can provide training and ongoing consultancy to ensure your business momentum continues to grow.

Our services include:

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