Social media strategies to impact your SEO & website

February 2, 2020 9:36 pm

Does social media affect SEO? There’s not an easy answer to this question unfortunately.

We like to think social media has an indirect impact on SEO. And with the right strategies this impact can most definitely be a positive one.

The world’s largest search engine, Google, has gone back and forth about whether it uses social media signals in its algorithm.

The last official update was in 2014, saying no, it doesn’t. Whilst on a smaller scale, yet still widely used, Bing states in their webmaster guidelines:

“Social media plays a role in today’s effort to rank well in search results.  The most obvious part it plays is via influence. If you are a social influencer, your followers tend to share your information widely, which in turn results in Bing seeing these positive signals.  These positive signals can have an impact on how your site ranks organically in the long run.”

Therefore we need to think about all our digital marketing strategies working together holistically. We need to think about all the ways people can find and interact with our content on the web.

So what are some of the ways that social media can impact your SEO and website?

Share content

A big part of SEO, is about creating useful and interesting content for your audience. If you don’t have a blog/news section on your website, it might be a good time to think about adding one. Alongside this, you should be updating it regularly with unique content. E.g. content not published anywhere else on the web.

Once you create a new piece of content, then you can work on your promotion strategy to help get that piece of content out there. A great strategy to do this is to share your new content across your social media channels. If you have built up a genuine audience on social media, they are probably going to be interested in your blog content, so why not share it with them?

Alongside this, we would recommend:

  • If you link to, quote or mention other brands and sources within your content, why not tag those businesses on social media so they can see that you’ve mentioned them. By doing this, you may find that they also share your content, getting it in front of more eyes.
  • Create lots of evergreen content which you can schedule to share regularly across social media – you can mix it up by testing different captions

By sharing your content, you’re getting more visitors to your website. And more website visitors is positive not only for your website, but also for brand awareness and hopefully driving more conversions (sales/leads) too.

Every social media platform has a section where you can add in your website URL. Make sure you do this, and make sure it works. 

If you use Google Analytics (which you should!) you will be able to see how many people visit your website via your social media channels.

Simply navigate to the Acquisition > Social section within your account to find numerous resources to see how many visitors your website gets via social media and how they interact with your website.

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By analysing these stats it can help you see which channels are the best for driving website traffic so you can further hone your strategy.

Encourage social sharing on your website

If you’re creating great content on your website, then people are likely to want to share it with their friends/family or perhaps their own audience if they are a brand or blogger.

However, people may be deterred from sharing if you don’t make it easy for them. Therefore ensure all your blog posts include social sharing buttons somewhere on the page that are easy to find.

Adding counters to your buttons, especially if you get a lot of shares, is a great way to show off the popularity of your posts. This popularity signal can help you draw even more attention to your content.


Pro tip: Many CMS’s (content management system) will allow you to customise how your post will look when shared on social media (Yoast SEO for WordPress does this), or even include a tag to your social media accounts.

Build Relationships

We love social media, because it’s just that, social! It’s a great place to build connections with your community, influencers and experts in your field.

There are many ways your social media relations can help benefit your website and SEO such as:

  • Using social media to ask your audience about what they’d like to read about on your blog
  • You may notice you are getting asked the same questions over and over again on social media, therefore why not create an FAQ page on your website to answer these questions? FAQ pages are great for SEO!
  • Or perhaps ask your social media followers for their feedback on your website
  • You can use social media to connect with influencers and potential brand advocates
  • Or connect with website publishers who you’d like to submit a guest post on (a great way to help build up natural backlinks)

Social media pages rank in the SERPs

Last but not least, your social media pages rank on the search engine result pages (SERPs). If people are searching for your brand name on social media, it’s most likely your social media pages will rank on the first page.

For good reputation management we recommend trying to ‘own’ all the results on the first page of the search results for your brand name. Alongside your website, social media pages are a great way to do this.

If you’re active on Twitter, your tweets can also show. And if you get plenty of reviews and votes on Facebook, you may even see gold review stars too.

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To wrap up

At the end of the day, both SEO and social media are about creating content that your audience will love. As we like to say, Content marketing is the seed of all digital initiatives.

Once you have nailed your content creation, you then need to consider the many ways to get that content in front of your audience’s eyes. 

Social media can help you share content, encourage website visitors and help you build relationships and brand advocates.

We love the holistic approach to digital marketing, so if you need help with a strategy for your brand which is going to benefit all areas of your online presence, get in touch today.

Social media strategies to impact your SEO & websiteSocial media strategies to impact your SEO & website