Sunday, May 17, 2015

Case Study: Amani Bar & Kitchen

Client: Amani Bar & Kitchen

Location: Leederville, WA

Project Brief: Amani Bar & Kitchen is a Leederville destination renowned for its gourmet, international fare, tantalising cocktails and curated wine list.

Amani Bar & Kitchen commissioned Coffey & Tea for a full-time marketing contract advising on brand continuity across all facets of the business, brand awareness and boosting social media engagement.

The first stop was building up their imagery stores; this meant arranging a venue and food photo shoot.
High-quality visuals are the currency of modern social media engagement and online marketing. The hospitality industry is particularly visual; after all, we eat with our eyes first, so high-quality photos are a must have for this sector.

From here we could rework the branding, redo the website, redesign collateral (menus, templates, flyers, promotions, etc.) and freshen up the menu. Once these foundation elements were rolled out, we could then activate marketing, such as engaging bloggers in trying the new menu, seeking out business development opportunities within the local community and launching targeted email marketing campaigns and deals.

Having the new and sound brand fundamentals meant we could then engage online dining platforms like Dimmi, for rewards and online booking and push online marketing support via SEO.

The ‘new look’ Amani Bar & Kitchen resonated with social audiences (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). The content itself, both curated and self-produced, embraced sophisticated imagery and acted as a perfect extension of the new brand build.

Minimal Facebook advertising was implemented, however, competitions and giveaways were used to greatest advantage in terms of new page Likes and user engagement. Over the 11 month period, Facebook page Likes increased 1,416%, a whopping turnaround.

Twitter Follower growth jumped 872.3% in the same period, with engagement consistently high; and Instagram attracted a 281.2% increase in Followers also.

The profound social media growth across these platforms is certainly attributed to the shift in content culture: really reinforcing the adage that your social media performance is only as good as your content!

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