matilda bay restaurant digital marketing case study
Monday, July 25, 2016

Case Study: Matilda Bay Restaurant


matilda bay

Client: Matilda Bay Restaurant

Location: Matilda Bay, Crawley, WA

Project Date: 2016

Project Brief: Located on the edge of the beautiful Matilda Bay in Crawley, Matilda Bay Restaurant is treated to stunning views of the Perth skyline and a stone’s throw to the blissful water of the swan river.

Matilda Bay focuses on the significance of food as a social experience, food as something that brings people together, and food as a way of cementing relationships and driving the very essence of human existence- personal connection.

Digital marketing plays an extremely important role in the greater marketing strategy for hospitality. We love working with clients that understand the importance of this medium and allow us to execute fantastic campaigns.

The Coffey & Tea team worked on:

Over a three-month engagement, the Coffey & Team worked alongside the Matilda Bay management team to drive and execute all digital aspects of the hospitality digital marketing campaign and provide social media support to the traditional marketing initiatives.

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