Successful social media event promotion from the hype to post-event

September 27, 2017 3:28 pm

No matter how big or how small your event is you can use social media to promote it using some or all of the methods suggested in this post.

The exposure that can be gained from social media makes it an ideal tool for marketing events.

It is likely you are familiar with creating an event on your Facebook page and inviting guests but this can be limiting. There are a number of other ways you can reach your desired audience using social media.

Creating event hype

It is wise to start promoting your event well before it happens in order to grow interest and encourage people to join. Social media can help you do this. But a mistake many businesses make is neglecting to plan their event’s social media event promotion.

Don’t go into it blindly, develop a strategy for your social marketing. Plan out exactly what, when and where you are going to post.

First of all, decide which of your social platforms are going to be most important for sharing your messages. Do your research, find out where your target audience hangs out. If they’re Twitter junkies rather than Facebook fanatics, then start busting out those 140 character tweets.

Content can include behind the scenes photos, sneak peeks of the guest line up, information about ticket sales and registering for the event. St Jerome Laneway Festival’s (@lanewayfest) got creative with their line up announcement recently on their Instagram page;

In the lead up to your event, showcase previous events you’ve hosted. Build hype with videos and photos of past guests, post testimonials and links to reviews.

Create an event hashtag. The hashtag you use needs to be short and easy to spell, it should also be unique and memorable. Your offline marketing should also include this hashtag and promote joining your social media pages. Encourage your guests to use the hashtag in their posts, and be sure to acknowledge them by sharing interesting posts on your business page.

Retargeting is another effective way of bringing awareness to the event. The best method is to target the people who have come to your website but haven’t converted i.e. registered or bought tickets for the event.

People don’t like to miss out so build as much hype around your event as you can, encourage them to purchase tickets early to receive discounts and secure the best seats.

Continue the FOMO

We all love to share photos and videos from live events on social, showing our networks how cool we are to be so close to the stage – ‘We had the best view of Jerry’s white shoes! #sneans’ Rubbing it in to our friends that are ‘missing out on the best concert ever!’

Show how great the event is with timely content from during the event such as photos and videos of the guests talking or performing Here are a few more ideas of types of content you could use:

  • Live streaming from the event using Facebook Live
  • Play around with short lived videos on SnapChat and stories on Instagram
  • Use a quote from one of the speakers and create a post using a design creation tool like Canva.
  • Go behind the scenes, talk to the guests ‘backstage’
  • Interview the attendees, either in person or using social media polls

Include the event hashtag and tag the guests where possible to extend the reach. Make everyone that isn’t there jealous – they will be gagging to come to your next event.

Monitor social mentions of your brand and event hashtag by attendees. Respond to any questions or feedback and repost interesting content to your brand social pages.


This is a great opportunity to get feedback on the event. Invite people to share their experience on your social pages. You might get some criticism (hopefully it’s constructive) but don’t be put off by the negative comments. Instead, welcome it as a chance to offer an explanation, learn about attendees’ expectations and make things right.

For larger scale events you might even like to approach the media that have attended for an article covering the event. Inviting journalists and other relevant media persons to the event could even be added as part of your pre-event strategy. Reaching out and asking them to attend will make it easier to ask them for press coverage after.

Reflect on the amazing event you pulled off with highlights – photos and videos of guests, speakers, attendees, repost some of the most popular content that was shared by others. Tell a story, gloat a little and make people want to join you next time.

Remember to keep track of what works and record it so you can refer to your notes when you go to develop your strategy for the next event you host!


If you need help with your social media event promotion, please get in touch today for more information about our social media marketing services.

Successful social media event promotion from the hype to post-event