Case Study: The Terrace Hotel

August 7, 2013 2:55 pm

The Terrace Hotel

Industry: Hospitality
Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest

In the hospitality industry, promotion of your business is the heart and soul of attracting patrons and reaching sales targets.

Social media efforts for The Terrace Hotel do this extremely well by presenting promotions in a timely and professional manner. Whether it be an opportunity for the public to benefit or an article written about The Terrace, we always seem to find the right way to tell an audience about it. It’s both humble and clever, and rewards The Terrace Hotel with followers who become emotionally loyal to them because they love to see them do well.

Praise in social media is the amount of “air time” you give to other people. This can also be described as the period when you shed your promotional voice and put on your cap of gratuity. It can be done in a number of ways from praising staff, or those who have been kind to you. Most notably after the recent treacherous storms that hit WA, the Terrace Hotel did well to thank the fire men and builders who played their part in restoring the damage. This kept their audience up to speed with their situation as well as allowing them the opportunity to show their human side.

As advocates of Perth tourism, we dedicated a section of The Terrace Hotels’s Pinterest and Facebook page to showing off the city they are so proud to be a part of. This really reflects on they type of brand they are: real team players. It also impacts their inbound marketing as this type of social media interaction increases the number of ways to enter their virtual front door.

Personality is one of the most important attributes of any Social Media strategy. Personality is the ability for a page to appear human as opposed to a robot posting automated messages. This is achieved by doing a number of things – one, as simple as responding to and having a conversation with your audience.

Another big thing is participating in Social Media culture by liking pages and other content you find. This shows that you’re not just about yourselves and your brand but that you also have time to appreciate others efforts. What you like and comment on also reflects the sort of brand you are. Below is an example of how the Terrace Hotel does this really well.

Presentation is one of the most overlooked aspects of Social Media. Very few organisations actually set out to present their content beautifully and artistically. We often forget that the aesthetic side of social media is what sets it apart from other forms of communication.

The Terrace Hotel is brilliant at engaging people and fostering support from their audience. We display a clear cut knowledge of their followers and create content that they love.

Another tactic we used was partnering with tourism companies that directed tourists to The Terrace Hotel. Examples of these include Two Feet and a Heartbeat, Urban Walkabout and Show Me Perth. Community engagement was a vital part of the strategy and as such, The Terrace sponsored many organizations such as the Perth International Arts Festival, WA Opera, Fremantle Dockers and provided complimentary meals for events such as Dine for Life and Chandon Supper Club.

Portions of this case study were originally published here. They have been reprinted with permission of isayngwee
Case Study: The Terrace Hotel