Case Study: ZSA ZSA Property Group

ZSA ZSA Property Group are the niche market, residential real estate specialists known for challenging the more traditional conceptions of real estate with their bold and sophisticated marriage of property and lifestyle.

The property industry is a rarely explored sector for Coffey & Tea, but given ZSA ZSA Property Group’s reputation we were excited to assist with content marketing for their website’s lifestyle narrative.

A relatively straightforward engagement, we were required to curate content to feature on the website’s lifestyle page. ‘The Scene’ is marketed as a ‘Lifestyle Destination’ showcasing the hottest hospitality and cultural attractions in the property group’s sales catchments.

To do this we researched and liaised with prominent local individuals and businesses from restaurants and cafes; bars and nightclubs; beauty and health; retail and finally, arts and cultural attractions.

From here it was possible to populate the page with a collection of sources offset by visually impressive photography to create a virtual bible of who, what and where in Perth City.

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