Case Study: TPG Group

February 9, 2016 2:20 pm

Social media offers a new way for companies to connect with industry, stakeholders – and potential customers.

It is a powerful tool when done right, but without a little know-how, things can turn south quickly.

Town planning and urban design experts TPG approached Coffey & Tea for some staff training to help get their social media plans off to a winning start. The team already had a presence on LinkedIn, but wanted to expand to other platforms.

Managing Director Meg Coffey travelled to the company’s offices in the Perth CBD and prepared an interesting, interactive workshop to not only explain the how each platform worked, but why each was important in its own way.

Social media is a two-way street – you communicate your brand values and offerings, while allowing the public to respond and interact with your business in real-time. It is not a replacement for marketing and advertising, rather, it complements these efforts by giving your brand an instant, honest voice available whenever your audience is ready for it.

Among the topics on the agenda for TPG were the importance of video content, methods for gaining higher listings in search engines and best practice guidelines for each of the social media platforms TPG was keen to consider – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

However, unloading content and building a following is meaningless without the ability to analyse what makes your potential customers tick. Meg helped the TPG team understand the importance of who you are talking to on social media, the content they’d like to see and how frequently they’d like to interact. These metrics are individual to each company and should be taken into account – and regularly reviewed – as part of any successful social media strategy.

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? It really doesn’t have to be. Meg Coffey is an expert at all things social media and, importantly, can explain complicated concepts and jargon in a way your entire staff will be able to understand.

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Case Study: TPG Group