Marketing Strategy & Reputation Management

 “In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”
~ Charles Darwin

It’s an exciting time in marketing. There has been an obvious change in the way that consumers purchase products and services. It is imperative to understand the what, why and how of this change before investing in a new website or engaging in a digital marketing campaign. We will help you refine your strategy to ensure a better result.

We will help you innovate through effective and strategic communication. We will help you find your online voice. We will help you engage with customers. Nurturing relationships, maintaining open lines of communication and efficient customer service as well as creating unique and creative ways to generate more sales is our mantra.

The brands who engage our services become our friends. We become deeply involved with your business. We ask tough questions. Our success together is gauged by demonstrating direct and sustainable results.

At coffey & tea we believe in fostering and developing your online communities – these people are advocates and future ambassadors for your brand. We will make them feel special and keep them engaged with regular and valuable content; we encourage open conversation and participation. We will evaluate everything as we go to make sure we are on the right track.

We work with businesses every day to optimise the results they are getting with their current media and marketing plans and to ensure they are using their social media and marketing strategies in the most effective ways possible.

Our services include:

» content management
» website development
» community & stakeholder engagement
» brand development
» strategic writing
» sponsorship management

» public relations
» reputation management
» news updates
» advertising & graphic design
» email marketing
» database management

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