Mobile event apps – what to look for

July 10, 2016 7:38 pm

Event apps for your mobile device are the way of the future. So let’s look at a quick run down of the types of event apps doing the rounds and some of their key features.

Apps for business events

Apps for business meetings or events are proving incredibly useful for engaging the audience and tracking feedback. Already having a big impact in Australia, look for apps that firstly can accommodate your event scale and feature high-grade app security. Key features to look out for include analytics that track engagement, sentiment and behaviour and audience response tools that capture feedback in real time. Also, and most importantly, look for apps that are easy to use.

Tradeshow/exhibition apps

Mobile apps for trade shows or exhibitions are proving a hit with attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors alike in the United States, and are definitely on the horizon in Aus. Trade show apps enhance the visibility of exhibitors and sponsors by allowing their brands to be front and center with logos, company profiles and links to more content.

A mobile trade show app means faster and more efficient marketing. It means measurable results for your exhibitors and sponsors, and also allows exhibitors and sponsors to make stronger connections with existing customers and reach out to new ones. Key features include in app games, registration, surveys/polling and networking.

Party planning apps

There are a huge number of ‘party planning’ apps on the market today, all designed to make planning an event a more streamlined and efficient process.

‘One stop shop’ party planning apps generally have a very wide selection of relatively useful features, including the ability to develop or import guest lists, delegate tasks, set reminders or sync across multiple users, through to timeline/run sheet building.

There are also a great many apps available that address specific aspects of event planning – from menu planning, wine and cocktail selection and budget management of food and beverage.

Of course, these apps are not suitable for large scale event planning, and at the end of the day are only really a supplementary tool compared to the expertise provided by event professionals.