Case Study: Leederville Food Safari

November 28, 2016 8:52 pm

Client: Leederville Food Safari

Location: Leederville, WA

Project Brief: The Leederville Food Safari is the original urban dining adventure. In between three courses, rickshaw drivers – urban Sherpas of sorts – take customers on a memorable and ambient amble, touring the street art scene and hidden treasures of Leederville.

To promote the urban dining experience as a ‘must-do’ activity and tap into a new and larger customer base, Leederville Food Safari engaged Coffey & Tea to drive its:

Being forward-thinkers and experts in the WA tourism and hospitality social media space, the team at Coffey & Tea were able to successfully position the urban dining experience as a tourism product and tap into a new and larger customer base. 

Coffey & Tea worked closely with Tourism WA to ensure that Leederville Food Safari was prominently featured in one of the eight initial videos for the Just Another Day In WA campaign, which has since become a globally-recognised marketing campaign.

Capitalising on the broad reach and influence that social media has in the hospitality industry, Coffey & Tea developed and successfully executed a social media campaign that used high-quality, engaging imagery to entice people to experience the Leederville Food Safari for themselves.

In addition, Coffey & Tea engaged a number of well-known Perth ‘foodies’ who had a substantial social media following to generate interest among their audience, drive traffic to the website and increase brand awareness.

The team also used traditional PR methods and famils to not only complement the social media campaign, but to further increase brand awareness and exposure of the campaign and to solidify Leederville Food Safari as a ‘must-do’ urban dining experience in Perth.

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Case Study: Leederville Food Safari