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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Best Hashtags for Travel in 2023

Everybody loves travel hashtags, but not many use them to their greatest advantage!

The name of the game for professional players is engagement (not necessarily hustling for likes and followers).

As a rule, aim to incorporate travel hashtags as seamlessly as possible, don’t over-apply, don’t overload the caption and only use hashtags that are genuinely relevant to the image or video content!

It is sometimes helpful to think of the noble hashtag as a way to ‘file’ your content: before you tag think, where does my content fit and what terms best apply to this image/video?

Here is a simple and effective formula to help you maximise your travel hashtag driven engagement:

#[basic travel hashtag] + #[country] OR #[state] + #[city] OR #[airport]* + #[activity} + #[surroundings/objects] + #[the moment] + #[specialised travel] + #[Instagram specific – optional]

Top Basic Travel Hashtags

Travel Hashtags by Destination

The ideal hashtag formula for destination reads: #[country] OR #[state] + #[city] OR #[airport]*

(*airport applies if the city’s name is too long)

So, for example, a holiday to Broome might go something like this: #travel #westernaustralia #broome

Some of the top location-based hashtags for travel in Western Australia are:

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Some of the best Australia-wide travel hashtags include:

Hashtags by activity

Once you’ve categorised your travel-related image or video according to destination, it stands to reason that you should tag it according to what you’re doing!


Hashtags by what’s around you

From here add in descriptors of the surroundings or objects pictured in the image or video. For example:


Hashtags for the moment

Add in a hashtag that expresses how the image or video makes you feel in that moment, some of the most popular include:


Specialised Travel Hashtags

Of course, be sure to include some of the specialised travel hashtags!

Think air travel:

Travel companies or organisations

Most, if not all, travel and tourism companies or organisations can be hashtagged and some will repost your images!

Lastly, have a go at weekly travel hashtags, like:

Instagram-specific hashtags

Instagram have their own set of basic hashtags, each with massive following, so it makes sense to include one or more for good measure, but only where possible.

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