hashtags for travel reels

Best Hashtags for Travel Reels on Instagram

Using hashtags for travel Reels is an excellent way to cut through on Instagram and promote your destinations to active searchers. 

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Best Perth & Western Australia Hashtags for Travel

The following lists of popular travel hashtags for WA will get you started with promoting your business or finding a great new travel destination.

travel hashtags

Best Hashtags for Travel in 2022

Everybody loves a hashtag, but not many use them to their greatest advantage! The name of the game for professional players is engagement (not necessarily hustling for likes and followers).


Hashtags for promoting travel businesses

Using hashtags to promote your travel business is an excellent way to reach potential travellers, but you should know how hashtags work across different platforms.

live streaming

4 live streaming tips for tourism brands in 2022

Live streaming has exploded in popularity in recent years, offering tourism brands endless possibilities to reach potential travellers.

Engaging young travellers on social media

Young travellers are incredibly active on social media, especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.


Tourism and Hospitality Social Media Strategy 

Tourism and hospitality are two of the world’s biggest industries, and that’s why having a solid social media strategy is crucial for success.  

food tourism

Food Tourism: What is it, and why are we so hungry?

Food tourism, whether you realise it or not, plays a vital role in where tourists decide to spend their vacations. 

sustainable tourism

Sustainable Tourism via Social Media

Sustainable tourism via social media is about more than posting a few hashtags and inspirations posts here and there.

accessible tourism

Accessible Tourism: What is it?

ccessible tourism is all about ensuring that all tourist destinations, products, and services are accessible and inclusive to all people, regardless of their disabilities, physical limitations, or age.  


The Best Social Media Platforms for Tourism

Social media platforms come in all shapes and sizes, and which ones you choose to focus your efforts on can go a long way to reaching new travellers.

Injidup Beach, Yallingup

Australian travel trends and tourism during COVID-19

Australian travel trends and tourism during COVID-19 faced some pretty desperate times, and the stats are here to back it up.