Food & Drink: What Attendees Really Want

June 30, 2016 10:43 am

Never underestimate the power of food and beverage at your conference or business event.

Attendees might be there for professional development, but they will remember the food and drink – good or bad!

Attendees are increasingly discerning and specific about what they enjoy in event food and beverage.

Increasingly conference and event-goers have an expectation of fresh, local and authentic produce. Western Australia has some of the best produce in the country, if not the world, so naturally there is an expectation that produce and wine should be locally procured. Take note, attendees like to know the source of what they’re eating and drinking, so use produce with a ‘story’.

Large portions used to excite people, not so much today. Today, attendees have no time for appetizers that require two hands, a knife and fork and, let’s be honest, they need a table, to eat – this kind of food just gets in the way and creates unnecessary social awkwardness.

To win the hearts and minds of your attendees, aim for genuinely bite-sized food that can be eaten with one hand, so a beverage can remain in the other and conversation can continue on unhindered.

Consumers today are generally more health conscious than ever before, and while events often present an opportunity to indulge in some expertly prepared gourmet delights, a great many attendees will be mindful of health value.

Steer clear of high fat options and instead impress guests with high quality, gourmet hors d’oeuvres that cleverly incorporate healthful components.

Finally, and one of attendees’ biggest ‘wants’, is to have food and beverage offered to them regularly. One of the most common complaints from event goers is that they never saw a food platter, or they were overlooked, ignored or repeatedly missed. Ensure your wait staff is servicing the room evenly and regularly across the event so your guests will leave well fed and watered. Then again, not every guest is obsessed with food so make sure you have lots of drinks on hand too!

Food & Drink: What Attendees Really Want