Pinterest 100 | 2018 Trends in Travel

December 13, 2017 11:48 am

Every December Pinterest publishes the Pinterest 100, a list of emerging trends in categories like style, beauty and travel.

It’s a sneak peek at what’s going to be big in 2018—and your guide to what people will want next.

How they choose the trends

Since people use Pinterest to shop and plan, they get early signals into consumer behavior and changing tastes. To identify emerging trends, the insights team analyzed search and save patterns for the past year. They looked for topics that showed critical mass, grew at least 50% in 2017 and trended up towards the end of the year.1

The Pinterest 100 can help you find new ways to connect with your audience. Knowing what’s next for your customers gives you an advantage as you plan things like marketing, product development and merchandising.

  • Product: Meet emerging needs before your competitors do. Michaels Stores created a Make It Kit to help people try 2017’s shibori cloth trend.
  • Content: Work the trends into your Pins and other digital content. When Hewlett Packard learned printable artwork was trending on Pinterest, they saw a natural fit and made Pins with free, printable art. You can even tap into trends from other categories for photoshoot backgrounds, campaign themes, etc.
  • In-store: Update your store decor, displays and signs to reflect 2018’s hottest topics. CB2 used in-store signageto teach customers about one of 2017’s Pinterest 100 picks.

So what does Pinterest predict the travel trends to be in 2018?

Travel journals, saves +169% | Targetable interests: Travel scrapbook

Deserts, saves +125% | Targetable interests: Safari, adventure travel, outdoor travel, Dubai, Dubai destinations, Morocco destinations, Turkey destinations

Mexico City, saves +96% | Targetable interests: Mexico city, Mexico destinations

Street art, saves +79% | Targetable interests: Street art, murals street art, installation street art, tag street art

24-hour trips, saves +134% | Targetable interests: Work to travel, weekend getaways, day trips

Mediterranean travel, saves +96% | Targetable interests: Romantic getaways, summer vacations, Croatia destinations, Greece destinations, Santorini, Mykonos

Climbing, saves +82% | Targetable interests: Rock climbing

Historical travel, saves +92% | Targetable interests: Cultural trips, family destinations

River cruises, saves +346% | Targetable interests: Cruises

Living like a local, saves +146% | Targetable interests: Cultural trips

For the full list of all the trends, check out the 2018 Pinterest 100 board.

1 Trends based on global searches and saves. Every topic has at least 250,000+ saves. Excludes seasonal spikes.
Source: Pinterest

Pinterest 100 | 2018 Trends in Travel