State of the Industry report 2014 released

November 3, 2014 9:57 am

Tourism Research Australia has published its annual assessment of Australia’s tourism industry reviewing performance for 2013-14 and highlighting longer-term issues that are likely to affect its performance.

The State of the Industry 2014 report is the fifth in the series and shows an increase across both domestic and international sectors to a record $101.6 billion.

Tourism Australia Managing Director John O’Sullivan said the State of the Industry report provided a valuable annual assessment of how Australia’s tourism industry was tracking as well as identifying longer-term issues likely to affect its future performance.

“This report reinforces the fact that tourism is a serious industry, making a very significant contribution to our country’s future economic prosperity.

“With international visitor expenditure up 7.2 per cent to a record $30.1 billion, and domestic and international aviation capacities growing strongly, we are undoubtedly making solid progress towards our industry’s Tourism 2020 goals. There’s more to be done in hotel accommodation supply, but the feedback from the investors TA and Austrade have been talking to at the recent HICAP conference in Hong Kong indicates to me that there is certainly confidence and a growing appetite for investment in Australia’s tourism infrastructure.

“More work to be done but, as annual scorecards go, I think the industry can be pretty pleased.”

Key highlights include:

  • Total tourism expenditure increased 4.2 per cent to $101.6 billion.
  • International visitor expenditure increased 7.2 per cent to a record $30.1 billion, underpinned by China and the UK.
  • Domestic overnight visitor expenditure increased 3.6 per cent to $53.3 billion; domestic day visitor expenditure grew marginally to $18.2 billion.
  • Domestic and international aviation capacities show strong progress, achieving 76 per cent and 64 per cent of their respective 2020 targets.
  • Accommodation supply has progressed by more than a quarter (26 per cent) toward its 2020 target of 20,000 new rooms, supported by a growing tourism investment pipeline.

Download a copy of the report.